The Rotary Works Foundation Board meets every third Thursday of the month.
Grant Application Deadline is seven days prior to our meeting for that month.
Please remember Grants are awarded only in anticipation of an event, not after the fact.

Grant Application Process

  • Completed Rotary Works Foundation Application
  • Applicants must present a copy of 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(1) designation for consideration
  • Provide a detailed budget of the project and Indicate the number impacted by the project or event
  • Need to have approached others for additional financial support
  • Look at timing of the event or project ‐ cannot have already happened
  • Willingness to provide an evaluation or presentation at RWF or Club meeting

Grant Application Guidelines

  • Awarded to 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(1) organizations
  • Multi‐year grants are discouraged except in support of major projects
  • Funds are awarded prior to projects or events happening
  • Preference given to grant requests involving a Rotarian and projects involving children, youth and families
  • Grants should be received 7 days prior to a Board meeting
  • All grantees are required to report on outcomes of the event or project after completion
  • Grant requests are evaluated for past performance and use of Rotary Works Foundation funds

Applying for Grants can be done either electronically or on paper. Simply fill out the form in completeness, and submit via mail or e-mail. Please call us to request a paper form

PDF Forms require Adobe Reader 8.0 or newer, you can download it at

PDF Application Form


Envision the Project and Budget


Fill out and Submit your Grant Application


Board meets and reviews applications


Grant applicants are notified of outcome and issued guidelines for acceptance


Carry out your event or project.


Share your story with an area rotary club, or report back to the RWF Board on the impact of the funds.